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What Skateboards Are Best For Intermediate/Advanced Riders?

JieSen Sports’s range of full-size skateboards offer a complete choice for budding concrete shredders and cruisers alike, the question is what kind of skater are you looking to become?

Technical Skating
If it’s a more technical style of skating you want to learn i.e. flips and tricks, then a double kick board is probably what you’re after. These decks measure 8″ in width and feature (as the name suggests) two kicks allowing for tricks to be executed from nose or tail. These boards are great for street skating and work just as well on the park.


Skating to Improve Surfing/Snowboarding
If you’re a frustrated surfer looking for a fix when there are no waves, or you’re looking to carve smooth lines as opposed to doing flip tricks then a longboard then you are probably after a Long Board. These work as a surfing simulator on the ground and will help you perfect your carving skills.

Skating to Cruise

If you’re looking for a board to smoothly roll around on and if being able to pack it away in your bag is important for you, then a Cruiser might be what you’re looking for. Cruisers are a common shape of deck and feature a single kick tail; they usually feature higher raisers, larger wheels, and larger decks than double kick boards. This allows for a smoother ride, greater stability and better turning.

Skating as a Mode of Transport

If you’re looking for a way of getting from A to B and having some fun with deep carves and going fast, a Longboard may be just the board for you. Some JieSen longboards feature drop through trucks, in which the trucks are mounted through the deck, allowing for greater stability at high speeds.

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