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The Advantages and Considerations of Bulk Purchasing Blank Skateboards

What Are Blank Skateboards?

Definition of Blank Skateboards

Blank skateboards are skateboards without graphics or branding on their decks. They are often preferred by skaters who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic or those who intend to add custom artwork. Typically constructed from high-quality maple wood, blank skateboards offer the same durability and performance as branded decks but at a lower price point.

Their Uses and Importance

Blank skateboards serve various purposes. They are ideal for individual skaters who prefer to personalize their boards with custom designs. Additionally, skate shops and businesses can benefit from bulk purchases of blank skateboards for resale or as a canvas for their unique graphics. They also cater to schools, camps, and community programs looking to provide skateboarding activities without the high cost associated with branded decks.

Laser graphic print skateboard deck
Blank Skateboard Decks Uncut

Advantages of Bulk Purchasing Blank Skateboards


One of the primary advantages of bulk purchasing blank skateboards is cost-effectiveness. Buying in bulk typically reduces the per-unit cost, allowing retailers and organizations to save significantly. This economic advantage can translate into higher profit margins for businesses and more affordable options for customers.

Customization Options

Bulk purchasing blank skateboards offers extensive customization options. Businesses and individual skaters can take advantage of the blank canvas to create unique designs, promoting creativity and brand identity. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for skate shops looking to offer exclusive designs or for businesses aiming to enhance their brand visibility through custom graphics.

Inventory Management

With bulk purchasing, managing inventory becomes more streamlined. By having a consistent stock of blank skateboards, businesses can ensure they meet customer demand promptly. This inventory management advantage reduces the risk of stockouts and helps maintain steady sales.

Quality Control

Buying in bulk from a reputable supplier allows for better quality control. Consistent quality across all decks ensures customer satisfaction and reduces the chances of defects. Businesses can work closely with suppliers to establish quality standards, ensuring that each skateboard meets the desired specifications.

Choosing the Right Supplier

Domestic Manufacturers vs. Overseas Suppliers

When choosing a supplier for bulk purchasing blank skateboards, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of domestic manufacturers vs. overseas suppliers. Domestic manufacturers often provide quicker shipping times and better communication, but they might come at a higher cost. On the other hand, overseas suppliers can offer lower prices. Still, they might need help in terms of shipping time, communication, and quality control.

Evaluating Supplier Reputation and Product Quality

Before committing to a bulk purchase, it is crucial to evaluate the reputation and product quality of potential suppliers. Researching customer reviews, seeking recommendations, and requesting samples can provide valuable insights into a supplier’s reliability. Quality assurance measures, such as certifications and warranties, are also indicators of a reputable supplier.

Considering Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and logistics play a significant role in the bulk purchasing process. It is vital to consider shipping and logistics costs, delivery times, and the reliability of the supplier’s shipping methods. Efficient logistics can significantly impact the overall cost and satisfaction of receiving the product in a timely manner.

Bamboo Longboard Deck
Carbon Electric Skateboard Deck

Considerations for Bulk Orders

Minimum Order Quantity Requirements

Understanding the minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements of a supplier is crucial when planning a bulk purchase. Different suppliers have varying MOQ requirements, and aligning these with your budget and storage capacity is essential. Negotiating the MOQ can sometimes be possible, depending on the supplier’s policies.

Payment Terms and Shipping Costs

Discussing payment terms and shipping costs with the supplier upfront helps avoid unexpected expenses. Some suppliers offer flexible payment terms, such as instalments or discounts for early payments. Additionally, understanding the shipping costs and who bears the responsibility can help in budgeting more accurately.

Quality Inspection and Return Policies

Implementing a quality inspection process upon receipt of the bulk order ensures that all products meet the expected standards. It is also essential to understand the supplier’s return policies in case of defects or discrepancies. Clear return policies provide peace of mind and protect the buyer from potential losses.

Order Tracking and Delivery Times

Reliable order tracking and delivery times are essential for planning and inventory management. Choosing a supplier that provides accurate tracking information and adheres to promised delivery schedules helps maintain business operations smoothly and keeps customers satisfied.


By leveraging these advantages and carefully navigating the considerations, businesses and organizations can effectively meet their needs, maximize their investment, and provide high-quality blank skateboards to their customers.

Jiesen Sports, established in 2010 and located in Dongguan, specializes in the development and production of skateboards, balance boards, wooden swing seats, surfing boards, sandboards, and related accessories. With over 10,000 square meters of advanced manufacturing facilities, we offer materials such as wood, bamboo, fibreglass, carbon fibre, and plastic for decks. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures high-quality production at every stage. Choose Jiesen Sports for consistent quality and reliable delivery for your bulk skateboard needs.


Q1:What does your OEM/ODM service include?

A:We provide OEM/ODM service & Development solutions. include free design,customized Logo, graphic, shape, materials even new mold development and testing. Professional technical team standing by and first-class serivce system.

Q2:What‘s your trade terms and payment term ? 


Q3:How long will the sample ready?

A:Standard sample within 3-7days

Q4.What’s leadtime for mass production

A:50-70 days depends on quantity

Q5:Confidentiality Principle

A:We can sign NDA as per customer request .

Q6: Can you provide testing report ?

A: we can provide free sample for customer test required or we help you submit sample to local test lab.

Q7:Can you do internal inspection or arrange 3rd part part for inspection required ?

A: Yes, we have many brand customer need inspection before shipment.

Q8; Can you do combine shipment at your factory or appointed factory “

A: Yes,we always help purchase related products and combine shipment together . Aslo arrange the process of export customs clearance.

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