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We are professional skateboard manufacturer in China with more than 10 years experience.We specialized in all kinds of skateboard, longboard, surfskate, wave board, balance board, swing board and related accessories etc.

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Curiser Board / Surf Skate

Cruiser deck can have some of the craziest shapes of all skateboard decks. Some refer to cruisers as a hybrid of a longboard and skateboard, depending on the set-up (trucks, wheels) used with the deck. Simple tricks can generally still be performed on a cruiser, but they are designed for comfortably “cruising” from point A to B with the ability to do a small ollie up a curb if necessary (they sometimes have a tail/nose).

Surfskate provide a completely new and different way of riding compared to traditional longboards! The motions on the surfskates are very similar to surfing and therefore differ greatly from longboard and skateboarding.

With the Surfskate trucks there are many more possible movements. By shifting the weight – purely from a tilting movement of the toe towards the heel – speed can be built up on the board – called pumping. This makes it possible to ride with the Surfskateboards and get faster without having to lift your feet on the road. This is not possible with normal skateboard or longboard trucks.