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What are the types of skateboards?

In principle, skateboards are identical in structure. Depending on the application area, the shape and nature of the individual components of the skateboard vary. The skateboard deck is particularly important here. You can classify skateboards as “classic” skateboards, cruisers, and longboards.


The “classic” skateboard is designed for stunting in skate parks, halfpipes, bowls, or on-street obstacles. While the most common form of a skateboard deck is the popsicle shape, other variants exist.

complete skateboard

Popsicle Skateboards

The popsicle shape is the most widely used skateboard deck for street and park areas. “Popsicle” means that the nose and tail are almost identical in shape, so you can simply drive the “switch.”

popsicle skateboard

Shaped Skateboards

Unlike popsicle decks, shaped decks do not have a uniform shape. They are usually characterized by a specific shape of the nose or tail, with angles, spikes, or other “shapes.” There are many more tricks you can do and learn with molded decks. However, we recommend using popsicle shapes at the beginning.

Shaped Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser skateboards differ in length, width, and shape from regular skateboards. What makes them different are the soft wheels and easy cruising experience. They are perfect for getting from A to B in the city. Cruisers are usually fully assembled and “ready to skate.” A cruiser is a way to go if a longboard is too big for you or doesn’t fit your style.

curiser board


Longboards have exceptionally long and differently shaped decks, most of which are larger wheels and other trucks. Longboards are not suited for tricks like ollies and kickflips. Instead, they are great for longer distances. For example, riding around a lake or downhill descents.


For children and people of more diminutive stature, there are smaller or shorter skateboards than traditional skateboards. In terms of quality, kids’ skateboards are built to the same standards as regular skateboards and are perfect for young, budding skaters.

Different types of skateboards are suitable for skateboarders of different pursuits, although width and length are also important when choosing a skateboard and type. But whether it’s type or width, you must try out the best type and size for you after the experience. So if you want to find the most suitable piece of skateboard for you, hurry up and try it out!

Skateboard manufacturer Jiesen offers various types of custom skateboards and wholesale services. If you need to purchase skateboards and related accessories, you are welcome to contact us for consultation.

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