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How to choose the right skateboard

How to choose the right skateboard, for a veteran skateboarder, this is naturally not a problem, but for newcomers to skateboarding and those interested in learning to skateboard, how to choose the right skateboard is likely to be the first problem they encounter when they come into contact with skateboarding.

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We can look at four parts of a skateboard when selecting a skateboard.

1. Skateboard Deck

The surface of the skateboard is generally made of five, seven, and nine layers of maple wood panels by microwave cold or heat pressing. There are also aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, and other material panels. The current board surface, the head, and the tail of the board are all cocked. Slightly rounded panel surface. The board surface above 22cm can be seen as the U pool board surface, which has a board that can accommodate more footing positions and is more stable on the U pool. Most boards around 19cm are used in flat road conditions. The fractal board is flexible and quick to move when small wheels are installed.

2. Skateboard Truck

Skateboard bracket, also known as a skateboard bridge (Truck), the bridge plays an indispensable role in the performance of the skateboard. Currently, most of the bridges produced in the United States are made of special aluminum alloy, almost without breakage.

3. Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels are also essential. In addition to the bearing accuracy that affects the speed (such as ABEC1, ABEC3, ABEC5, ABEC7, etc.), but also depends on the wheel’s performance.

First is the hardness. Skateboard wheels are usually made of polyurethane as the primary material. The proportion of polyurethane in the wheel varies, and so does the wheel’s hardness. The hardness of 85A (A refers to the hardness) of the wheel is relatively soft and suitable for sliding on rough roads. The sliding sound is minimal. Shopping is a good choice for friends who like to step on the pedal board.

4. Skateboard Accessories

The main accessories of the skateboard are bearings, sandpaper, screws, wrenches, and other small items. Bearings can be selected according to the situation. The general import is 10. You can prepare a few more. Sandpaper paste on the surface of the skateboard increases friction so that skateboarders easily control the skateboard. New sandpaper feels like the sole of a shoe stuck to the skateboard. Wheels and bridges usually come with screws, so no special preparation is needed.

Each part of the skateboard has a different design depending on the use scenario and the experience sought when skating. Therefore, when we buy a skateboard, in addition to understanding the different functions of the different parts, we must first figure out what kind of skateboard we want. And in the purchase of the skateboard is best to let the businessman give you a taste of the actual feeling of the skateboard because all the theory is secondary. The most important or the experience. If the actual feeling is comfortable, this is the right skateboard for you!

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