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Skateboard knowledge sharing: skateboard wheels

Skateboard wheels are the key to the smoothness of a skateboard. Skateboard wheels come in different sizes, hardnesses, and different types of skateboard wheels for different surfaces, as well as to meet the needs of different skateboard experiences. In this article, skateboard manufacturer Jiesen Sports will share some knowledge about skateboard wheels, including the differences between different sizes of skateboard wheels, how to choose skateboard wheels, and how to disassemble skateboard wheels.

skateboard wheel

What is the difference between different sizes of skateboard wheels?

1. Different speed: Generally speaking, the larger the wheel, the faster the speed, but the weight will naturally increase. Smaller wheels are slower, which is the most apparent difference.

2, different grip: the wheel also has a width value. The wider the grip, the better the cushioning will be better. More stable, the skateboard is not easy to roll over. For newcomers, it is a good choice. But with narrow wheels, because the contact surface is small, the action will be very flexible.

3, the board is different: according to the wheels to match your board, small board naturally with small wheels. Bigger wheels need to match with more giant boards.

How to choose wheels for different hardness of skateboard?

Different hardnesses of skateboard wheels are suitable for different surfaces.

• 87A-Very rough ground (sharp descents on hillsides, etc.)

• 95A-Rough ground (blocks)

• 99A-Smooth ground (various markets, skateparks, U pools, swimming pools)

•101A-not for rough or very smooth ground (poor grip because it is too hard) Size 52-55 mm-suitable for most users. Street markets, skate parks. Small skaters.

• 56-60 mm – Suitable for most users. Street markets, skate parks. Adult skaters.

• 60+mm – Special skates. Extended board surface, rapid downhill, down mud surface.

Beginners are better off choosing wheels with lower hardness because they can not ride the skateboard well to avoid pebbles, glass, debris, etc., on the road. If the hardness is too high, this debris will get stuck in their wheels. And experienced skaters usually choose harder wheels.

How to remove the skateboard wheels

To remove the skateboard wheels, first, you need to prepare the tools – a skateboard special wrench. Yes, to remove the skateboard wheels, you only need a skateboard special wrench can.

The disassembly steps are as follows.

1. first, prepare the skateboard you want to remove the wheels.

2. Insert the prepared wrench into the hole of the skateboard wheel. 3.

3. Then, press the skateboard with one hand, press the wheel with the other hand, and keep turning the wrench to make the skateboard wheel come off.

4. After the wheel comes off, remove the outer nut and put it away first.

5. After the nut is removed, then remove the giant wheel. Because the wheel fixed nut is removed, the wheel can be taken off naturally, so it is done.

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