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Types of skateboards and applicable people

  1. Beginner board
    This is a skateboard for skating only, which beginners can use. Beginners should choose a flat skating surface and wear elbow pads, wrist pads, knee pads, helmets, and other protective gear when skating. But if you are determined to start your extreme career, put that beginner board in your hands!
    Beginner skateboards are generally made of plastic, with a few wooden boards. For wooden boards, we need to see if the gravel on the board is solid because, for wooden boards, the gravel provides the friction to allow us to control the board better.
  2. Technical skateboard

In general, technical skateboards are mainly used for fancy tricks and gliding and marching movements, so there will not be too many other designs on the board, on the general common double-headed warp board type as the main. In the street full of obstacles, it is also the goal of technical board players to challenge and constantly practice tricks, break through the limits of self, conquer every obstacle, and show the most self skateboard attitude.

  1. Fish-shaped board
    The fish-shaped board is known for its fish-shaped profile and miniature size. It is also a kind of skateboard for beginners. The fish board is a substitute skateboard for walking through the city streets and alleys. It is generally lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for use as a mobility tool. To avoid wheel bites during the skating process, generally, open a groove near the wheels.
  2. Longboard
    The reverse wheel frame is designed for longboarding to provide better stability and grip. Longboards are far more maneuverable than other skateboards when cornering, so many skateboarders prefer to use them. Longboards are more like surfboards on land, using various U-turns to simulate the thrill of riding the waves at sea.

These types of skateboards and the people they are suitable for, and I hope they will help you.

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