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How to Maintain Your Skateboard

When maintaining your skateboard, your hardware is the nuts and bolts used to attach trucks. If you use shock pads, your hardware should be 1⅛ inch long. For those not using riser pads, use hardware of ⅛ inches and 1¼ for shock pads.

Adjusting the tightness of your trucks is easy. If they feel too loose when riding just tighten the kingpin nut a little. If they feel too tight and you’re having trouble turning, loosen them up a bit. Just do it gradually and make sure the nut stays attached properly. You don’t want it to come off while you ride, just get softer bushings instead and make sure to pick the right ones.

Play skateboarding at home. Turn it on and use it from time to time to clean it up properly. This prevents ions from being idle for long periods of time. Fully charged lithium-ion batteries deteriorate quickly, so keep your skateboard and charge the battery 50%. Goodbye words The power source for electric skateboards is batteries. It is a fuel that makes your life more enjoyable by enjoying the thrill of riding. Electric skateboards are nothing more than traditional skateboards without them. As a result, make sure it is properly cared for and maintained. Neither rocket science nor a difficult task to follow. These are simple guidelines that you can easily follow and get the best results.

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