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How to Learn Skateboarding

Skateboarding as a street sport has become more and more common and loved by more and more people and has even been added to the Olympic program. So how do you start skateboarding for those not exposed to the sport? I will share some of the things that beginners should do in skateboarding.
The way to learn is to practice deliberately with a lot of repetition with a purpose, and as soon as you learn a part, don’t continue to spend time on it. Move on to more significant difficulties immediately.

For beginners, I recommend using a Plastic Skateboard, which is cheaper on the one hand, and a wooden skateboard on the other, which is not suitable for beginners.

The first thing is to learn how to get on the skateboard and start, similar to learning to ride a bicycle. How to balance on the skateboard and start skating at a proper speed is very important. But once you get a feel for it, everything gets easier. Put one foot at the pegs at the front of the board, about the toe in the middle of the four pegs, pedal with the other foot, and put the other foot on when you get up to speed. Repetition is essential to get a feel for it and help you get started more quickly in later exercises.

The first stage’s goal is to be able to put both feet on the board to skate, and the goal of the second stage is to get both feet parallel.

At the beginning of the skateboard, when the feet are T-shaped, the front foot is vertical, and the back foot is horizontal, my goal is to skate without thinking very naturally on the skateboard to the front foot across and skate a distance, even if the second stage of the goal. If you need to accelerate to the ground, you can raise your front foot again and then cross over after accelerating to the ground.

The goal of the third stage is to learn to turn left and right and control the direction of this step based on the previous step of proficiency; if you are the right foot in front of the left, a turn is a toe down, a right turn is a heel down, according to the strength of the downward pressure can control the arc of the turn. In the beginning, they are not too bold to press. If you dare not try to press down to find the feeling when each skateboard is about to stop, slowly will be. Then you will encounter the problem of turning half of the skateboard stopped due to increased friction. My solution is to extend the acceleration distance as far as possible so you can successfully solve the speed as quickly as possible.

When you can comfortably turn left and right and can control the arc to avoid pedestrians, your skateboarding skills have been qualified if you are interested in the challenge of more complex skills and movements. Of course, please pay attention to safety.

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