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How does the skateboard stick to the foot? ? Let’s talk about the five big confuses that the public has about skateboarding.

In the comments on some articles about skateboarding, we can often see some public confusion about skateboarding.

This should be one of the most asked questions, how can a skateboard be carried into the air by both feet. When I was skateboarding on the street, some old men even picked up my skateboard to see if there were any magnets in it, or wondered if my shoes were specially made.

Maybe some people still think that there are some special “organs” in skateboarding, so the answer is of course not!

The first jump of the skateboard is called OLLIE (dolphin jump), which consists of two consecutive steps (for physical principles, please refer to the principle of leverage). The first step is to tap the board, also known as the “POP board”. The tail of the skateboard is tapped by the foot, and the skateboard will bounce up due to the force (in the case of explosive power).

The second step is to swipe the board after tapping the board, and level the bouncing skateboard in the air with your feet.

After these two steps are combined, it is a common skateboarding action that people often see. The skateboard is driven up in the air, as if it is stuck with glue on the shoes!

This action is like a “key” for you to open the door to the world of skateboarding. Most of the skateboarding actions are based on OLLIE.

In addition, explain whether skateboarding is a dangerous sport?

Skateboarding is not dangerous, and safety depends on you.

Most strenuous exercises inevitably carry risks. Common sports such as basketball and football are confrontational, and they are also dangerous.

If you want to avoid injury, you must warm up before exercise, make all the most comprehensive preparations, and do not challenge things beyond your ability, so the danger will not approach you. For skateboarding, the foundation is very important. If you blindly challenge difficult moves when the foundation is unstable, the chance of injury will also be greatly increased. Wearing a protective helmet is also an effective way to reduce accidental injuries.

Choosing to skate in the right place, such as skateparks, parks, etc., will also reduce a lot of unnecessary injuries. Learning to skate requires bravery, but it also requires sensibility and safety.

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