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Ten simple actions for novice skateboarders

1. Upper and lower boards;

These are two more entry-level moves, and relatively simpler for novices.

2. Ollie;

Dolphin jump is the most basic skateboarding skill in skateboarding. As long as you practice Ollie well, practicing other moves will be relatively simpler.

3. anual;

After sliding the rear wheels, use the rear wheels for balance when sliding and maintain a certain speed, then lightly press the tail of the foot to lift the front wheel (the tail does not touch the ground) and only the next two wheels will slide.


Sliding the front wheel, contrary to Manual’s action, the difficulty is also relatively difficult compared to Manual, and it is not very well balanced.

5. Keep flip;

The tip flip is a road-style movement. Before learning this movement, you must practice ollie (so it is important to practice Ollie well!), place the back foot on the tail (the center of gravity of the foot is placed in the middle of the tail), and place the front foot near the screw, and the board The margin is approximately 45 degrees, and the heels are best placed outside the margin of the board.

6. heel flip;

The heel flip is similar to the tip flip, but the forefoot posture is different. After the ollie kicks the front heel forward and inside, pay attention to not too much force. At the same time, leave the skateboard and wait for the board to rotate 360 ​​degrees vertically.

7. Ollie dolphin jump; the most basic movement in skateboarding is the jump commonly known by ordinary people; the normal sliding posture, the back foot forcefully jumps.

8. nollie; normal skateboarding posture, take off using the dolphin jumping posture called force.

9.manul; an action that only uses two rear wheels to slide.

10.nosemanu l;  only use two front wheels to slide. …

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