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Skateboarding is cool, safety first, orderly roller skating, safe you and me

This voice often sounded on the campus when I grew up, full of the freshness and vitality of brave and energetic teenagers and girls

What is the most important thing to pay attention to when skating?

Of course that is the safety of CHDers. Of course, everyone’s love for skateboarding is sure to be every time I see CHDers who skateboard.

Many of the school’s venues are also excellent places for skateboarding, but in recent times, skateboarding accidents have occurred repeatedly. Not only the students who love skateboarding have been injured, but many other people have also been injured.

So I remind everyone to pay attention to the safety of school skateboarding. Sometimes when walking on the road, I see many CHDers skateboarding on the main road. Although the main road is wide, the traffic is large and the vehicles that rush out from time to time threaten everyone’s safety. Hasty can cause very serious consequences in order to make CHDers skateboarding in school more happily

Solicit opinions

Do you have a good proposal to help protect the security of CHDers?

It is understood that some students expressed the following views on this matter:

1. Delineate a fixed area in the school for everyone to skateboard.

2. Set a fixed time for skateboarders to skateboard.

3. Carry out safety promotion and remind everyone to avoid skateboarding on main roads as much as possible.

4. The skateboards used by the students in the school cannot be changed at will.

5. Try not to use skateboards at night when the line of sight is not good.

6. The school provides a place for replacing tires and repairing skateboards.

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