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Trends in skateboarding culture

The earthy clothes and nostalgic sneakers of skateboarders once became a trend globally, and related music (new wave music, Punk, hip-hop) has also peaked. Its language, skills, clothing, and music constitute a unique skateboarding culture. . There are as many as 4.5 million skateboard enthusiasts in the United States! Because skateboarding is too thrilling and exciting, in the 1960s, skateboarding was strictly prohibited by the government and was once reduced to an “underground project.” It was not until the mid-1980s that the government publicly lifted skateboarding and brought it to light. Skateboard superstars Tony Hawker and Andy McDonald are undoubtedly super idols like Jordan and Sampras in the eyes of many young people. Tony Hawker is also a businessman. Out of his love for skateboarding, he gradually introduced skateboarding and other street sports to the world.
Where is the joy of practicing skateboarding? Freedom and creativity are maybe two keywords.
Skateboarding is characterized by sliding, advocating free movement, experiencing and creating the feeling of supergravity, and bringing the joy of success and creation to the skater. Skateboarding is different from traditional sports. It does not stick to a fixed model. It requires skaters to freely use their imagination, create in the process of exercise, and exercise with creativity.
Talent isn’t just about great physicality and the ability to pick up tricks quickly for skaters. And it’s also about some innate character. You must have a sense of balance, but you must also be bold. For high-level skaters, everything in life can become a competition stage – when jumping down from steps, handrails, or any other unexpected place, people and boards arc sharply in the air and Landed clean.
Freedom, street, hip-hop, hipsters… Skateboarding is always inseparable from these words. It represents the positive attitude of young people. From the bones, there is adventure, freedom, and passion. Personality. Because many movements are hazardous compared with other sports, skateboarding requires learners to master a solid foundation and cannot blindly pursue difficulty. Self-challenging beyond the physical and mental limits, viewing stimulation, high-tech penetration… Nowadays, participating in extreme sports has become the most popular and lasting fashion for urban youth, and participating in extreme sports has also become the dream of urban youth.

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