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How to choose a skateboard deck?

The skateboard deck is arguably the essential part of the skateboard components, and the kind of deck you choose will directly impact your skating experience. Different types of skateboards have different deck designs. If you are interested in learning about the different types of skateboards, you can check out a more detailed introduction in our previous article, “What are the types of skateboards.” This article will focus on the skateboard deck and how you can choose the perfect one for yourself.

Different skateboard decks can give you a different skating experience, so the first thing we should consider when choosing a deck is what kind of skating experience we want to get, which one has the highest jump, which one is best for speed skating, which one is the most durable?

skateboard deck

When choosing a skateboard deck, you have to take note of several aspects: length, width, nose, tail, and wheelbase. Most boards today are between 7.5 and 8 inches wide, some narrower and some more comprehensive, but the difference is up to half an inch.

A narrower deck is easier to control and easier to flip, while a more expansive deck is better for gliding in a U-pool.

The length of the board is mostly between 31-32 inches. Again, a shorter board is easier to control when doing flips.

The board size depends on personal preference; some prefer a longer nose, and others prefer a shorter wheelbase. The best way to find the right size is to try out as many boards as possible.

What kind of skateboard deck is more durable?

Most panels are 7 layers of plywood glued together. Some companies claim their products are ultra-lightweight due to the use of thinner plies or fewer layers or cross beams, which can reduce the weight of your deck slightly but also reduce its strength. Some companies add a few extra layers of ultra-thin plies or deepen the footwell to make the board more durable in addition to the 7 layers. But the durability of a board varies from person to person, and we don’t have a solid basis for which deck is the most durable.

What about the rest? When do you need a new deck? If your deck is broken, I think it’s time to replace it (that’s bullshit). If you often use the nose or tail brake, your deck will be badly worn and more likely to break; if the deck is soaked in water, it will also affect its life, and over time you will not be able to hear the crisp, loud sound of hitting the ground. You should pay special attention to your skateboard deck, which may not be far from the need to replace it.

If you are interested in learning more about the different styles of skateboard decks, you can browse through our product section, “skateboard deck.” Please contact Jiesen Sports, a professional skateboard manufacturer for custom skateboards and skateboard purchases.

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