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How should I choose between soft and hard skateboard wheels?

When buying a skateboard, we have two important choices in the choice of skateboard wheels soft wheels and rugged wheels. What is the difference between the two of them? Which wheel should you choose to fit? This article will discuss the difference between soft and hard wheels for skateboards.

Material of skateboard wheels

Before discussing the soft and hard wheels of skateboard wheels, let us first understand the material of skateboard wheels. We know that a skateboard, in the process of sliding, will have a crisp sound, skateboard wheels of this particular sound from a material called polyurethane, generally understood as synthetic rubber. Depending on the degree of mixing of this material defines the hardness of the skateboard wheel. The different hardnesses also create the wheel type, which determines the price of the skateboard wheel and the applicable scenario. Some specialize in street scrubbing, sports workouts, and dual-purpose wheels for exercise and street scrubbing. All professional skateboard wheels can be used for street cleaning and action. The difference here is just “more suitable for street cleaning” and “more suitable for practice activities.”

skateboard wheel

Soft and hard skateboard wheels

The difference between soft and hard wheels is the same as their literal meaning. The main difference is the hardness, as far as this hardness changes the skateboard in two aspects, one is the sound when skating, and the other is the flexibility of the skateboard.

As for whether you should choose soft wheels or hard wheels, it depends on your skateboarding style and habits. Soft wheels are not too noisy to brush the street, but the action is not as good as hard wheels. Hard wheels are more flexible than soft wheels but are more likely to get hit by small rock cards than soft wheels. Great. The following is a description of the material and elemental composition of the wheel.

The hardness of the pulley disc is indicated by the letter A. The larger the value, the higher the hardness. Wheels 101A and above are considered hard wheels. Soft wheels start at about 85A. Double warp is of little use for 78A softness. The most significant difference between soft and hard wheels is the sliding. If you like the distinctive sound of sliding and still have some footing, go with the hard wheel. Soft wheels don’t have as much of an advantage in sliding. The sound and the feeling are very soft, like standing on a sponge. The disadvantages are also apparent. Hard wheels have less friction, so you can squeeze it through when you do some turning and spinning action. The softer wheels may not be as good, slightly reducing playability, but they are still reasonable considering the comfort of sliding!

A small street action hard wheel is generally better for double-dumping because it has less grip. The small size keeps the skateboard closer to the ground and allows the skater to get a faster pointing board with high stiffness. There will be no soft feet when landing. Large soft wheels, or street wheels, are the opposite, so they are more suitable for street riding or skateboard configurations for skateboard photographers. The point to mention here is that street wheels are large, so they are easy to use, and when sliding and turning, contact with the board wears the board or even stops the skateboard. There is a particular risk. Generally need a bridge pad (it is specially designed for skateboards between the board and the bracket pad, there are many thicknesses.), this will increase the distance between the board and the ground, making it more challenging to practice.

If you have any other questions about skateboard wheels, our previous blog post, “About skateboard wheels, Everything you need to know,” has more details. If you’re interested, check it out. For customization and purchase of skateboards and skateboard accessories, please contact Jiesen Sports, a professional skateboard manufacturer.

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