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The benefits you can get from skateboarding

When it comes to skateboarding, many people may think it’s dangerous, especially some parents who think it’s easy to fall and don’t want their kids to skateboard. But actual skateboarding is not as dangerous as people think. On the contrary, it is still a beneficial sport. In this article, we will share with you the benefits that skateboarding can bring to us.

Skateboarding is not that dangerous.

According to a study of sports injuries, out of over 200,000 participants and 20,000 recorded injuries, skateboarding accounted for only 399 (2%) of the 20,000 injuries. The sports included in the study were basketball, soccer, rugby, baseball, hockey, archery, and 14 other sports. In contrast, skateboarding is not as dangerous as one might think.

benefit of skateboarding

Benefits of Skateboarding

Health Benefits

Similar to other sports, health benefits are associated with participation in physical activity. The health benefits of skateboarding differ slightly from common youth sports such as soccer, soccer, and basketball. Skateboarding offers a range of benefits, including coordination, pain tolerance, stress relief, precision, responsiveness, and patience.

Coordination: Skateboarding improves the coordination of your hands, eyes, legs, and feet. When skateboarding, you must vary your movements to skate smoothly and accurately.

Pain tolerance: Other sports can improve your pain tolerance, but learning how to skateboard includes constant falling, tripping, cutting your knees and elbows, etc. Believe it or not, this helps improve your tolerance and build resilience.

Relieve stress: Stress consumes people all the time, even children. Skateboarding is a way to relieve those stresses or frustrations.

Precision: Skateboarding takes a lot to learn. You are constantly adjusting your weight in one direction, changing your speed, and, when good enough, perfecting tricks.

Reflexes: This ties in with coordination. When falling or stopping quickly, you need to react quickly to brace yourself or prevent a crash. You will soon learn that crashing into a railing is not ideal.

Patience:  Skateboarding, like any other sport, requires a great deal of patience. After your first time on the board, you will not be the next Tony Hawk. Countless falls, missing that tricky turn, and hitting that brilliant trick will test your patience repeatedly.

Skateboarding contributes to the physical and mental health of youth.

Historically, studies and statistics show that youth sports positively impact growth and character. Sports can also keep kids out of trouble in their communities and schools. A 2015 study showed that at-risk youth from urban areas had nearly the same chance of becoming involved in criminal activity as those graduating from high school. Statistics prove that sports can prevent this from happening. Many kids turn to basketball, soccer, baseball, or other related sports. One sport that people tend to forget is skateboarding. Like the sports mentioned above, skateboarding can bring physical benefits and keep you out of trouble.

Skateboarding is a very healthy and beneficial sport. It is popular with teenagers, and as misconceptions about the dangers of skateboarding fade away, it will become more popular with a larger group of people. If you are interested in promoting skateboarding, customizing, and purchasing skateboards, welcome to contact Jiesen Sports, we are your professional and reliable skateboard manufacturer.

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