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Different types of Skateboard Longboard

We know there are several different types of skateboards. If not, you can look at our previous article, “What are the types of skateboards?” A longboard is one of them, and there are 4 different types of longboard: freeriding board type, speedboarding board type, boardwalking board type, and technical skateboard type. In this article, we will share with you the characteristics of these different types of the longboard.

Freeriding board type

The free skateboard type used to have no specific form. As long as the board is on the premise downhill, making all kinds of floating, carving, sliding, and original patterns can be used as this type of board.

But now, the standard of freeride board is that the board can be used in both directions, plus a deeper wheel well (wheel well), usually using a drop-through type bridge (reverse bridge). The wheels are usually 70-76mm, 78a-89a.

skateboard longboard

Speedboarding board type

This board is made for speed. The characteristics of this board type are stability, moderate concavity of the board, and the tail of the board does not allow you to kick the board like the freeride board type. Board length is usually 36-46cm, and freeride boards have drop-through and top-mount. Structurally, wheels are usually used 70-100mm, 78a-89a. Nowadays, most players in tournaments prefer 70-75mm.

Material can be maple or composite (such as carbon + maple)

Boardwalking board type

This board belongs to freestyle. Players usually make various moves on the board (such as dancing). Usually, the length is 40-60cm, the board has or does not have dents, and there is no problem with biting the wheels. The wheels are usually 70 mm-76 mm, 77a-84a. There are positive and negative bridges.

Technical sliding board type

This type of board is mostly used to play slide, usually on a section of the slope, from top to bottom, to do a variety of rotations. People who play this type usually bring a full set of protective gear (knees, elbows, hands, head), and this board is usually 34 – 38cm long.

Now that you know the different types of the longboard, you should be able to choose the right longboard according to your preference. Here are some tips on how to get started with a longboard. It will help you learn to use a longboard faster and have fun skateboarding.

Longboard tips for beginners

1. Distinguish between the nose and tail of the board

When a novice skater first starts practicing, it is best to bring the nose of the board forward because when skating, the nose of the board is in front, and the tail of the board is in front, and it feels different. Hold the board in your hand and line of sight level; the board’s nose is slightly higher than the tail of the board.

2. Standing on the skateboard

Stand with your feet on the front and rear wheel screws so that the distance between your feet is wider, and easier to maintain balance.

3. Sliding on the top board

With your right foot in front (or left foot, depending on your habits), lean your body forward and place your weight in the center of the skateboard. Push the front foot slightly forward and the back foot backward, slide the back quickly, and adjust the feet, stand and glide as in the previous step.

4. Quickly slide on the board

Pick up the head of the skateboard with your right hand, take a small step forward with your back foot, and then quickly put down the skateboard. Stand with the front foot in front of the skateboard, push the back foot backward, retract the back foot quickly and start sliding quickly.

5. Parking brake

Stop sliding with the back foot directly on the ground; In case of emergency, jump off the skateboard directly. Be sure to wear protective gear when practicing. Safety is most important!

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