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Complete skateboards might look quite similar at first sight – but there can be many differences in the dimensions and theyway they each skate! Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything you need to know to find the perfect complete skateboard for you!

In addition to info about completes, we’ll also go over some useful accessories and equipment for beginners to get started on the right foot. You’ll even learn some tips for taking your first pushes and enjoying your new skateboard to the fullest.

A complete skateboard takes all the guesswork out of finding compatible skate components.     Just take your new, assembled skateboard out of the box and ride!Before you do that, all you really need to know is which size suits you best.

You’ll find a huge selection of complete skateboards in JIESEN webiste.  Our complete skateboards are also a great option for premium quality at an competitive price.

Looking for a children’s complete skateboard?  For kids smaller than 1,30m, check out our kids complete skateboards.

complete skateboard


The size of your skateboard can make a big difference in how it skates. If the size is too far off, it can be frustrating as it will be much more difficult to progress. Based on your shoe and body size, you can determine a proper skateboard size for you. The width of the skateboard should roughly correlate to your shoe size and the type of skate terrain you prefer to ride. The correct length can be derived from your body size, although this is generally not as significant as width.


Technically, you don’t need many things besides a skateboard to have fun!   However, some things make sense to have, especially for beginners.   A pair of skate shoes are very helpful as they’re optimized for support, comfort and durability while skateboarding.   Skate shoes usually have two types of sole constructions that alter the way they look, feel, and skate.   Shoes with a vulcanized sole offer more flexibility and „board feel” while riding your board.   Shoes with a Cupsole construction are generally more robust and can offer more impact protection than a vulcanized shoe but with some sacrifice of flexibility.   It’s merely personal preference to determine which type of skate shoe is best for you.

While skating and especially when you first get a new skateboard, you’ll probably want to adjust your trucks for tighter or looser turns.   Eventually, you’ll also need to install your trucks on a new deck or remove your wheels.   Luckily, there’s a tool designed for all of these things in one.compact design.  Check out our skate tools.

Especially if you don’t always plan to skate at a skatepark, you can make rails, ledges, and concrete curbs slide and grind with the help of skate wax.  A little skate wax can work wonders and help turn a boring parking curb into hours of fun!

If you’ve never stepped on a skateboard before, it makes a lot of sense to start with some protection gear and a helmet.  When you first start skating ramps and begin trying to drop-in, it’s nearly inevitable that you will take some falls while learning.  In addition, protection equipment can give you confidence, resulting in much faster progression.  Nowadays, protective gear exists that’s specially designed for skateboarding.  This gear absorbs impact, prevents abrasions, and still offers great freedom of movement so you can skate comfortably.  Check out our protection sets which include all the pads you need to get started.  If you notice that you mainly fall on your hands, check out our wrist guards/hand protection.  The same goes for elbow pads and knee pads.

While bowl and half-pipe skating, you’ll often see pros and experienced skaters riding with full protection.  This discipline of skateboarding makes sense to have pads regardless of skill.  Regardless of what you’re skating, a fall to the head can happen quickly and unexpectedly.  If you wear any protective gear, it should be a skateboarding helmet.  It’s important that you specifically use a skateboarding helmet while skateboarding.  Traditional bicycle helmets do not offer proper protection for the back of the head or for the type of impact forces that occur while skateboarding.  Skateboard beginners should not attempt to drop into a ramp for the first time without a helmet.  This very commonly results in injury that can be easily avoided with a proper helmet.

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