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Is skateboarding a good sport ?

Skateboarding is seen by many as more of a recreational sport than a sport, but that’s because people are attracted to the recreational side of it and ignore the benefits of skateboarding as a sport itself. Skateboarding is a good sport for the body and mind.

Why is skateboarding a good sport?

Skateboarding starts with pace and progresses to more explosive efforts, and skateboarding is considered a strictly aerobic sport. Simply pushing with a plank accelerates the cardiovascular system. It can even burn 8 to 12 calories per minute.

The balance demanded by skateboarding during exercise also works the hamstrings, gluteus maximus, quads, lower back, and the abs. Your abs need to align with your back to keep your spine properly aligned.

why skateboarding is a good sport

Some Benefits of Skateboarding

1. Flexibility

Skateboarding is a great workout. It improves flexibility in the legs and body core.

The body stays flexible, and the ankles are flexible when the skater is on the slope or the street. As you progress in this sport, your flexibility will improve as well.

Feeling tense and excited will only make it difficult for you to play skateboard. You better know how to relax and be flexible because it’s good for the sport and everyday life.

2. Complete physical training

Some people may think that skateboarding only focuses on the legs, but this is a wrong assumption. You have to use your legs and your hands and balance to get the right grip.

You may notice that your body is also twisting, so your abs and other muscles are also twisting. Due to the variety of movements, it affects your body’s core.

Therefore, skateboarding is a great sport because it moves various muscles in your body.

3. Improve physical endurance

Skateboarders, especially beginners, do not spend just a few minutes on this sport. Many allocate an hour or more to practice or enjoy the ride.

The more time you spend on the board, your physical endurance will improve. This doesn’t mean you’ll immediately have toned abs or a stronger core, but it will help you get better physically.

skateboard manufacturer

4. Learn precision

Knowing how to move your body precisely helps in all aspects of life. By skateboarding, you will enjoyably learn precision.

Learning new tricks requires you to repeat. So you have to do the same moves a few times.

Adjustments need to be made to make things right. Skaters must know that changing timing, changing speed, and different positions of the feet on the board will result in different types of landings.

5. Skateboarding is about coordination

Coordination is a sport that involves the feet, legs, arms, and eyes. You will be practicing in a very coordinated manner.

Coordination is precise not only on a skateboard but also on many things you must deal with daily. These things will help you with other skills such as driving and climbing.

6. Help you lose weight

To lose weight, you can do exercise. Skateboarding can be a workout, so it can help you lose extra weight.

Because it is an aerobic exercise, it burns calories very quickly. This will depend on the intensity of your skating.

Each person can burn 150 to 500 calories per hour.

7. transferable skills

It can be described as a well-rounded exercise because it provides transferable skills that apply to other activities. What you learn on a wakeboard can be used when trying other activities, such as skiing, surfing, and wakeboarding.

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8. Practice and sharpen your patience

There’s always the possibility that the trick could go wrong because it’s not done well. Doing this sport is like an adventure, but it’s still manageable, so everything will be fine.

Skateboarding takes a lot of time to master it. Therefore, a person must have patience when practicing mastering this sport.

Therefore, exercise is also good for your intentions because you need patience to see results.

9. contributes to overall health

As it is a form of exercise, it is effective for one’s overall health. It protects you from other health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

It also increases the amount of beneficial cholesterol and lowers triglyceride levels. Thus, it blocks the chances of developing coronary heart disease.


Skateboarding is a total body exercise that works many parts of the body, such as the hands, legs, and abdomen. It is also suitable for people of many ages, such as teenagers and middle-aged people, and is very entertaining, making it a sport that combines recreation and exercise perfectly. If you are looking for an entertaining sport that can fully exercise your body, buy a skateboard and try skateboarding.

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