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How much does a good skateboard deck cost?

How much does a good skateboard deck cost? This is a question that many people skateboarders are concerned about, whether you are a beginner or a professional player, especially for beginners, because professional skateboarders should already be familiar with the prices of different skateboard parts. The price of the skateboard deck depends on the material, process, brand, and other factors, and there is no definite standard. The definition of “good skateboard deck” is also different for different stages of users, so it is difficult to answer this question. However, skateboard manufacturer Jiesen will share with you the definition of the price of a skateboard deck in this article.

One of the most important factors determining a skateboard’s price is the material. North American maple is the best and most traditional material for building skateboard decks. However, as manufacturing has evolved, composite materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass have been introduced into deck production. In recent years, there has also been the use of bamboo to build decks. Compared to traditional materials, bamboo brings more pop and strength. Bamboo grows faster, and the use of bamboo helps reduce deforestation.

custom skateboard deck

Good skateboard decks for beginners

Blank decks without graphics on the bottom are usually cheaper than branded decks with printed graphics. But the performance is the same, and for beginners, just familiarization and mastering basic tricks is perfectly adequate and is the most cost-effective choice at this stage, so a blank deck should be the best skateboard deck choice for beginners.

Skateboard Deck Price

The retail price for a bland skateboard deck in the United States will range from about $30-40. Wholesale prices for bulk purchases can be as low as $15-20, and there are even lower prices to find a skateboard manufacturer that makes custom skateboard decks in bulk, which can also cost around $10-15.

Of course, there are also decks from well-known brands, and their prices will be higher. And there will be more uniqueness in the design and craftsmanship of the deck’s printing. Some brands of decks have a carbon composite layer within a maple layer. Some have five internal fuselage chambers. This is to reduce weight and increase stiffness. The price is naturally higher for these specially crafted decks.

Bamboo decks

Bamboo decks are becoming increasingly popular with new and environmentally conscious skateboarders. While bamboo is more readily available, it is currently more complex to make and requires more craftsmanship from the manufacturer. It is not cheap; it retails for about $42.50, including graphics. However, this price gives the seller less profit than if the branded Canadian maple decks were sold. For high-volume OEM manufacturing, bamboo decking is 10% more expensive than maple decking.


If we want a good skateboard deck, we need to set our price budget higher and consider our needs to decide on the best skateboard deck for our current use stage. For example, beginners only need a blank skateboard that meets the basic functions, not a brand-name skateboard that is made with special techniques to meet the requirements of difficult moves.

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