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We are professional skateboard manufacturer in China with more than 10 years experience.We specialized in all kinds of skateboard, longboard, surfskate, wave board, balance board, swing board and related accessories etc.

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Who is plastic skateboard suitable for?

The best skateboard for beginners is one that gives your kid more stability while they learn to balance, with smaller wheels so that they can better control their speed while in motion. Wood decks are also recommended because they are heavier and provide better stability when maneuvering and turning. “You should always start with a wooden deck,” says Hollohan. “A properly sized wooden board with metal trucks is your best option for a first skateboard.”“I’d say durability is one of the most important things to look for in a first skateboard or longboard since they’ll want a board that can handle their learning curves,” says skateboard coach.

The plastic skateboard was Dubbed a “superb starter board” by reviewers. This complete board has quality components at an unbeatable price, including a Canadian maple deck, alloy trucks, and PU wheels.

Before you start, you should put the bearing in; best to put the outer bearing in first (each wheel has two bearings). Put the bearing on the truck axle, with the outer bearing shield facing out. You’ll notice two sides of a bearing. The bearing has a green or blue shield on one side and a white plastic shield on the other. A green shield goes on the outside of the wheel, so when the bearings are installed, that is what you see. So the outer shield is facing down, now get the wheel, face it, so the outside graphic is facing down, and push it on the bearing, using the axle as support to pop the bearing inside the wheel. It should fit with a tiny force and slide into one side of the wheel. Remember, there are two bearings per wheel. Take the wheel off, and insert the other bearing on the other side using the same technique. Now, if you started with the outside of the wheel first, you should be putting the second bearing on the inside, so now you don’t have to remove the wheel. It is installed the right way around with bearings inserted. If there are axle washers, make sure to put one on before adding that second bearing. Now it is on. Add axle washers. If you have them, add axle nut and slowly tighten. Be careful; you don’t want to tighten too hard and ruin the bearing. Usually, it is best to have the wheel spinning and gradually tighten the bearing. You know you have probably tightened too hard when the wheel suddenly stops. If the wheels do not spin, loosen it up a quarter turn. The first wheel on! Now do the rest. Start practicing!

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