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What should I look for when buying my first skateboard?

One caveat though: the bigger the board the more force it takes to ollie and flip it. So if you do want to do some eventual tech skating, keep that in mind. But if you’re not too concerned about busting a clean switch flip and just want a comfy, chill ride, this is the move for you.

Unlike popsicle decks, shaped decks do not have a uniform shape. They are often characterized by special shapes of the nose or tail, which are angular, pointed or otherwise “shaped”. You can also do and learn many tricks with shaped decks. However, we recommend a popsicle shape at the beginning.

Like with deck width, the concave can be determined by how you want to ride your board. A deeper concave will help flip the board, as it created greater leverage. However, a flatter board will be easier to catch a flip and land on when in the air.

We recommend wider skateboards for skating in ramps and bowls. Wide decks give you more space to stand, which will pay off at high speeds and airs. In addition, wheels with a larger diameter are used in transition skating because they maintain high speeds for longer.

The softer, bigger wheels,” confirms Dan, “are more for cruising about on. They’re really good over rough surfaces, so you don’t feel any gravel or bumps. However, bigger, softer wheels probably would hold you back from learning some tricks because you don’t get any slide with the take off and when you land.”.

Longboards have particularly long and differently shaped decks with mostly larger wheels and other trucks. Longboards are unsuitable for tricks like ollies & kickflips. Instead, they are perfect for longer distances. For example, riding around a lake or downhill down the mountain.

Pros of buying a complete skateboard: They are cheap but work, as long as you avoid trashy Amazon skateboards from random sellers. It’s easy to replace parts once you get better at skateboarding. Lastly, you don’t have to assemble all the components. A couple of tweaks to the trucks and your are ready for your first ride.

Street / Park boardIf you want to learn tricks and skate at the park, this is what you need. You can start with a preassembled board here or build your own. Start by choosing a deck, then trucks, wheels, bearings and don’t forget hardware. Feel free to call us during business hours to walk you through your choices.

For a bit more grip, softer wheels are recommended for a transition setup. When using big wheels, you should stick with mid or high trucks in order to prevent wheelbites. Riser pads and rails (plastic rails attached to the deck for increased stability during board and lip slides) are often used for this style of skating. Anyone who skates ramps should never skimp on protective gear.

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