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What is the difference between the styles of skateboards

In fact, every skater has his own style of skateboarding.  This style not only refers to the dress, but also includes the region, the movements that the skater is good at and the terrain.   We could understand that the style is the appearance and impression of the skater when in playing skateboard..

Each region has its own skateboarding style.  For example, in the United States, skateboarding styles of eastern and western skaters are completely different.  The main reason for the difference in skateboarding styles is because the difference pography of the two regions.


For skateboarding,The main popular one is street fashion .Mainstream skaters usually wear hip pop and rock style, which represents their free and unrestrained spirit. For example, Jaws also like wear tight pants to challenge the huge drop steps when playing skateboard , which is cool!  In addition to the jumper’s tights, there is a candy color like the little brother, wearing sunglasses in the street easily flip, very personality.  

As a skater,we certainly hope to be handsome and cool. The premise of being handsome and cool is to have a good foundation. If your skateboard skills are skilled and your actions are easy, others will think: “Wow, this person is so cool when he skates!”  On the other hand, if your movements are out of place, your posture will be unnatural.

The most attractive thing about skateboarding is to express yourself. What you express through skateboarding, and the spirit you present, is your skateboarding style. 

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