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Skateboarding into the Olympics

On the eve of the 2016 Rio Olympics, the International Olympic Committee decided to add five new sports to the Tokyo Olympics – skateboarding, surfing, rock climbing, baseball and softball, and karate. This is an adjustment made by the International Olympic Committee after seeing the decline in the ratings of the Olympic Games and the decline in the enthusiasm for bidding for the Olympic Games. On December 7, 2020, the International Olympic Committee agreed to list skateboarding as an official event for the 2024 Paris Olympics, which means that skateboarding will appear on the Olympic stage for two consecutive terms.
Skateboard sports, with its unique street culture and charm, such as a rising star, is about to bloom in the world’s highest level of the competitive sports arena.
The Olympics embraced skateboarding, focusing on the youth and vitality of this young sport. In the eyes of the current IOC President Bach, seizing young people is to seize the future. The Olympic Games must absorb the sports that young people like to maintain their status. In addition, the high added value in the industry is also the reason why the Olympic Games favor skateboarding.
From the street to the Olympics, small skateboards will slide to a broader world in the future.
Skateboards are divided into three categories
■ Double rocker (street skateboard): The most common street skateboard, it can do a lot of tricks, suitable for all kinds of complex terrain.
■ Downhill board: The board is longer and wider than ordinary skateboards, and the wheels are more prominent and softer. Compared with the double rocker, the battery life is more robust.
■ Small fish board: The board is more minor and suitable for children and beginners. Only gliding and the most straightforward extreme moves are possible.

Skateboard competition
■ Street Style: Street style is the most basic way of skateboarding. Sidewalks, steps, and guardrails are the best venues. The road style is characterized by large randomness and solid ornamental value. It can make full use of the terrain and go everywhere without obstacles.
■ Downhill: On winding roads or another sloping terrain, you can perform activities similar to alpine skiing.
■ Half-pipe: The U-shaped pool is also named after the site that resembles a half colossal pipe. Due to the high potential energy in the movement and the low resistance of the skateboard, the skater can get enough height to do somersaults, twists, handstands, and other technical actions.

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