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How to choose a skateboard for kids?

Skateboarding is a popular activity among kids that provides them with an exciting way to spend their free time and helps them develop physical and mental skills. However, choosing the right skateboard for kids can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the various components and styles. In this guide, we’ll look closer at choosing a custom kids skateboard that suits your child’s needs and preferences.

1. Determine Your Child’s Skill Level

The first step in choosing a skateboard for your child is to assess their skill level. For instance, if your child is a beginner, you’ll want to choose a board that is stable, easy to control, and comfortable to ride. On the other hand, if your child is an advanced skater, they may prefer a board that offers greater speed, maneuverability, and trick performance.

skateboard for kids

2. Consider the Deck Size and Shape

The skateboard deck is the flat board that forms the main part of the skateboard. It’s important to choose a deck size and shape that matches your child’s body size and style of skating. Generally, younger and smaller kids should opt for smaller decks, while older and larger kids may prefer larger decks. Additionally, the shape of the deck can influence your child’s skating experience. For instance, concave decks provide greater control and stability, while flat decks offer a smoother ride.

3. Choose the Right Trucks

The trucks are the metal parts that connect the deck to the wheels. They’re essential for steering and turning the skateboard. When choosing trucks for your child’s skateboard, you’ll want to consider their weight and skating style. Lighter trucks are ideal for younger and lighter kids, while heavier trucks offer more stability for larger and heavier kids. Additionally, high trucks are suitable for cruising and carving, while low trucks are better for street and park skating.

4. Select the Appropriate Wheels

Wheels are an important skateboard component as they determine speed, durability, and grip. The size and hardness of the wheels will influence your child’s skating style and preference. For instance, smaller and softer wheels provide a smoother ride and are ideal for cruising. In comparison, larger and harder wheels offer more speed and performance for tricks and park skating.

skateboard for kids

5. Customize the Design

Customizing the design is one of the most exciting aspects of choosing a skateboard for your child. You can choose a custom graphic design that reflects your child’s personality and style. Many skateboard manufacturers offer various designs, colors, and patterns. Alternatively, you can work with a local artist to create a unique design for your child’s skateboard.

6. Consider Safety Gear

Safety is a top priority when it comes to skateboarding. Ensure your child wears the appropriate safety gear, including a helmet and knee and elbow pads. These items protect your child from injury and ensure a safe and enjoyable skating experience.


Choosing a skateboard for your child can be a fun and rewarding experience. By considering your child’s skill level, deck size and shape, trucks, wheels, and custom design, you can create a custom kids skateboard that meets their needs and preferences. Additionally, don’t forget to prioritize safety by providing appropriate safety gear to protect your child while they skate. With these tips, you can help your child develop skateboarding skills while having fun and staying safe.

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